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Most likely the fastest rapper in the world and has been known to spit out 11.2 syllables per second(amazing) yet he isn't hard to understand what he is saying when you listen to him.
You know that song slow jamz, it would have been garbage if it wasn't for Twista
by The Jet March 30, 2005

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or Kanye West, a rapper/producer who dresses like Carlton from Fresh Prince, but can still rap good. He doesn't use much drug/sex reference. He can put great music behind his good lyrics. He makes funny rhymes sometimes. The College Dropout was the best overall album i have ever heard. There isn't one song on there that is bad.
Did you hear Kanye's album, people think Jesus Walks is his only good song, but there a lot of songs on that album better than jesus walks.
by The Jet March 29, 2005

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it means hook, like off the hook
that's off the hizzle fo' shizzle dizzle(off the hook for sure dawg)

by The Jet March 23, 2005

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a street gang mostly by latinos. LP stands for Latin Players.
You think that fight involved LP.
by The Jet March 30, 2005

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