being reminded of something familiar / something you loved /cared for very much
me:yo do u miss her
him: he’s playing our song & it’s hitting home , yea i miss her
by bigdickenergy1507 November 8, 2018
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"When John got his first executive pay check it finally hit home that he was a success in this field." or "When the scale finally tipped 160#'s it hit home to Susan it was time to loose weight."
by northfish August 11, 2006
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Having great sex with someone, ususally a term guys use to brag about it to their friends.
Oh my god, my girlfriend is so horny, we hit it home almost every night!
by Tashie June 30, 2005
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You often say this sentence to someone when you strongly relate with their problems because you more likely had this problem before or you still have it
Maria: I'm diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety
Julie: That hit close to home
by Kaivosguy11 May 23, 2020
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