is the slammin' screen doors
sneakin' out late, tappin' on your window
when you're on the phone and you talk real slow
'cause its late and your momma don't know
our song is the way you laugh
the first date, 'man i didn't kiss him and i should have'
and when i got home, 'fore i said 'amen'
asking god if he could play it again.
"Baby, is something wrong?"
"Nothing, I was just thinking how we don't have a song."
"Our song is..."
by sydni January 8, 2008
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be kind when you rewind the story of the two of us. sometimes you wish it was a little more mysterious. when you look at me with your syndamatic eyes, i wanna play the part, but i forget the lines... i do it all the time... i never get it right.

one day when you were playing the slideshow hero, the pictures won't show the villans and heroes. it's just me keeping time with you. butter knife's dull but it still cuts through. we never were... and we'll never be

strangers kissing in the pouring rain, chasing after your leaving train, but we know that's not how our song goes.
you're a waitress at a cocktail bar, + i'll save you kuz imma big rock star but we know that's not how our song goes, it goes like this.
the spill canvas: "our song" > taylor swift: "our song".
by purdybaker May 14, 2010
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