Hita is a badass. always there for you.
by vedar November 25, 2021
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Is the most wonderful person you could ever meet and one of the most loved people in the world. Who ever dates the ugly Scott in High School will be married to him and have a wonderful life being rich :D
Girl 1 (ends up poor): I like you but you are ugly.
Girl 2 (ends up rich): I love you Scott Hita
by pseudonymsareawesome24 August 11, 2012
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she is the hottest funniest realest person you will ever meet. she gets a little paranoid at times but she will always be the funniest most beautiful person you will ever meet.
BACHATA- hita is so caring and all guys flirt and fall for her. any guy or girl would be lucky to have her.
by foundingfathe_pennington May 25, 2022
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Hita is a girl who is independent, lost in her own world and has this calming aura that makes anyone fall for her...her presence is really comforting and she will always find ways to cheer u up...her laugh is so overwhelming...she definitely lightens up everyone's mood and is down to earth.You are definitely lucky if u have her by ur side...shes the type to find happiness in the smallest things possible
You:Hi im feeling down
Hita: hey you know that you have me right?
by Hrithik_07 February 3, 2022
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