to leave a meeting/place (because you just have to); other way of saying "have to go"...
aight i gotta hit the road, peace, later!
by bzikofski December 2, 2004
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When a person or group of people smoke marijuana while driving. This can be done on any road, however the best roads a those with little civilian and police traffic. Smokers may choose to hot-box or roll the windows down, this is based on preference.
Yo Andrew do you want to go hit a road after work?
by Danny (aka Dirty D) January 22, 2006
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Slang for get out of here

Jack is guy's name but still used on woman

You don't use people use it as much

Probably got it from the song or the show unhappily ever after
Wife: i'm getting a divorce so hit the road jack and I don't want to see you again

Husband: fine, I will leave
by Pockeydockey February 14, 2016
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Hit the road jack is a slang term to use whilst firing an employee, or breaking up with someone as a couple. Usually whenever the recipient does something that negatively impacts the person who uses the phrase.
"Hit the road Jack, you've already fucked up twice."
by oldedefinitions February 19, 2018
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A variation of the oh so popular phrase "hit it and quit it", which of course references someone having sex with some1 quickly and getting on with their day and or life. Just for clarification the "bust a load" portion has to do with the act of ejaculating during intercourse and the "hit the road" part means just that...leaving the scene of the crime.
Ray: So... i heard u're trying to get with my girl Jenny over there.
Malik: Listen playa...i'm not tryna "get with" her...i'm tryna get it in with her. I just wanna bust a load and hit the road... u kno no strings attached.
Ray: iight den, i respect that
by PresOfDaFriends March 3, 2011
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The action of taking a crap under someone's car tire and running away, hoping that they will run over it the next day.
"Dude, Liah & I did a Drop-a-load & Hit-the-road last night to our other neighbor's car!"

"Wow, did you get caught?"

"No, it was in the dark."
by Hmbsm21 May 14, 2009
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Verb: The action of secreting your shit under one's vehicle tire in hope that they will eventually drive over it while you run away.
"Holy shit man, you're friggen relentless!"

"I know man, I just had to drop a load and hit the road."
by tylerscott May 14, 2009
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