Hispandering is the combination of the words hispanic and pandering. It is used to describe when a politician or political candidate panders to the Hispanic community, or is seen as submissive to the political wants of the Hispanic community.
Man I thought Marco Rubio was strong on immigration, but he's just hispandering for votes...
by hispandering April 7, 2016
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"Hispandering": a mashup of "Hispanic" and "pandering" that means faking interest in Hispanic issues and culture for self-serving reasons.
Hispandering: Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela.
by Lazarus Swann March 21, 2016
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Verb: to Hispander means to pander to Hispanics.

Noun: an Hispander is one who panders to Hispanics.

The term was created by Mickey Kraus (Slate Magazine), popularized by Linda Bentley (Sonoran News), and is currently practiced by many low-life politicians.
Dick Gephardt's recent Hispandering proposal to "legalize undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States for five years and worked in the country for two years . . ."
by Mark Yannone February 17, 2008
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Juan: why these white politicians using Spanish last names
Elizabeth: they use Spanish last names to hispandering the Hispanics and Latinos to fool them for their selfish stuipity
by Doile February 25, 2021
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