Grandmother in Spanish (Abuela en Español)
Mi Abuela es Boricua .... My grandmother is Puerto Rican.
by pebblesrock90 October 16, 2015
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Is the technical term for grandmother in Spanish.
Jack: my Abuela is more gangsta than yours!
by Tanzi1029 November 27, 2015
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The term "Tu abuela" is a very commonly used Puerto Rican term that depicts a large number of uses, the most common of which is a comeback.

While it's most common usage is in a comeback, it can also be the answer to a question, establish you dont want to continue the conversation, break the ice, initiate a romantic sequence, be an adjective, an answer to a knock knock joke, or just literally refer to a person's grandma; tu abuela in this sense is a little like Por las nalgas.
Chris: You suck man, you betrayed us
Javier: Tu abuela!!

Chris: Fine, be that way, but anyhow, you wanna go to the movies later?
Javier: Tu abuela bro, i really just dont know, have you asked Neo?
Chris: I did, but im getting the vibe he is feeling a little under the abuela today.
by Dr_Juice March 17, 2013
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A mean old rat who needs to be sent into the nearest retirement home available.
Abuela Madrigal is a mean rat if I was mirabel I would’ve sent her into a retirement home and blow the candle off!
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 January 6, 2022
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Abuela Madrigal is the grandmother in the Casita Madrigal. She loves all of her children and grandchildren dearly, except Mirabel. She wants to protect their family and keep all of them safe, except Mirabel she can go die in a hole.
Isabella Madrigal: Abuela, do you love me?

Abuela Madrigal: Of course my Isabella Perfecta! You are my favorite grandchild!

Luisa Madrigal: What about me?

Abuela Madrigal: I love you too, Luisa!

Mirabel Madrigal: And me Abuela?

Abuela Madrigal: Stfu you ugly ass hoe, you can go burn in a hole. Your the reason why Pepa is my favorite daughter, because she did not give birth to a raging mistake like you. You make me wish Bruno was back, I hate you! Get the fuck out of my face!

Mirabel Madrigal: You know what fuck you Abuela, Ima go put out the candle nobody loves you anyways.
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