4 definitions by Doile

A woke white person but likes like gringo in spanish
Kane Alvarez: what's a wringo?
alfred Mendez: A fuckn woke white person thinks that he or she could create a word for gender neutral for Latinos and Hispanics.
Skroge: it's basically my boyfriend says is that white people wants to cater the latino and Hispanics cultures but gets pissed when Latinos or hispanics defend their pride and heteriage.
by Doile January 4, 2021
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A binx is a liberal version of a Karen.
Jane: why this lady is angry she gets mad at minorities having a different opinions.

Judy: she's a fuckn binx
by Doile December 4, 2022
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Juan: why these white politicians using Spanish last names
Elizabeth: they use Spanish last names to hispandering the Hispanics and Latinos to fool them for their selfish stuipity
by Doile February 25, 2021
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Is a word for minorities been betryed by the white liberals and doing the same as the white supremacists
All walks of life is for minorities

It's all walks of lies we are been decieved
by Doile March 1, 2021
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