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A virtual e-faggot on World of Warcraft whose brain is almost as small as his penis. He likes to go around and acts like he's the best shit, yet he's actually extremely bad at the game and dodges wargames 24/7. He also acts this way because his father inserted too many bananas inside his rectum during his early childhood, and will continue to do so throughout his natural life. If you see him, don't even bother making fun of him. He'll just call you bad, ask for a wargame, and then if you agree, he comes up with an excuse to dodge. He's actually the most pathetic player on World of Warcraft, aside from the lumbering pile of obese garbage that is Cassie.
Me: Hinki, you're ugly and I bet you look like Nosferatu irl.
hinkisterx: haha wargame me noob xd
Me: Ok, I have my partners. Send the wargame request.
lordhinkx: hahahahaahahhahaha no thx fggot, u rnt worth my time xd
Me: ....
by roec October 30, 2013
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