1. Strange, wrong weird
2. Something that is wrong or out of place
Marshal Biggs: This is hinky, this guy's a college graduate, he went to medical school, he's not gonna come through all the security, go to the county lockup, to find someone his one people say does not exist. Hinky.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Well, what does that mean Biggs, 'hinky'?

Marshal Biggs: I don't know. Strange.

Marshal Henry: Weird.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: Well, why don't you say strange or weird? I mean hinky, that has no meaning.

Marshal Biggs: Well, we say hinky.

Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don't want you guys using words around me that have no meaning. I'm taking the stairs and walking.
by Shakomatic October 7, 2009
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Blackmailist: *Leaves an envelope in David's car explaining how he will tell the entire world of all the BAD things David has done if he does not received a two million dollar check.
David Letterman "I don't know... I get a hinky feeling off of this guy."
by Aphrodites October 5, 2009
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the instant of knowledge when one becomes deeply aware that there is pure evil fuckery afoot.
She knew something was hinky when her husband returned from the store without his underwear...
by Lisa Shields August 18, 2004
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Something as yet undefinable is wrong, out of place; not quite right.
There's something hinky about the deal.
by tradesman April 4, 2003
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A state of being vaguely suspicious.
The mark got hinky and left outta there.
by John Steinecke September 22, 2003
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A cop's version of "I've a bad feeling about that"

An event or thing which is
1) Out of whack
2) Wrong
3) Off kilter
That porridge taste hinky to you?
by Vernon Conan Chan January 1, 2005
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used when something seems out of the ordinary, suspicious, & " not normal ". typically used by the queen herself, abigail sciuto of ncis. #hinky.
" did you see gibbs' new haircut? i know, freaking hinky man. "
by angelmaymorningstar May 18, 2021
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