A Scottish way to pronounce “thing” most commonly used by men when they’re telling each other their darkest secrets in private
Man 1: “So tell me, what’s yer hing?”
Man 2: “My hing?”
Man 1: “Aye, yer hing”
Man 2: “Well sometimes I walk around my house for hours on end with my trousers on my arms and my shirt around my legs...”
by Zoidbergsleftclaw January 31, 2018
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'Hing' is another word for cigarettes. The word was invented as a codeword for cigarettes to hide that you were smoking in school. After a while the word spread and is now a commonly used word for cigarettes. It can be used as a verb also, 'hinga'. The word is usually used in the east parts of the city Lund, Sweden.
-"Hey man! Do you have any hing?"
-"Yeah sure dude, i got a whole packet of hing!"
by JC-Aight October 11, 2010
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A Hing is slang for a person who is Baptized at a young age. Calling someone a Hing is a complement to there Christianity.
Bob-What’s Up Hing
Ron-Thanks Man, How are you?
by xx_warblood666_xx May 28, 2019
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Kevin's alternate name. If your name is Matt, or M@, then you MUST call people by the name of Kevin "Hing"
It comes from cutting off an IM convo on the word "thing"
M@: Sup, Hing
Kevin: not much
by Miznat March 18, 2005
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The vietnamese laugh, like jajaja, but a vietnamese kind.
-DUDE! I nearly choked on my spring roll. -Hing hing hing, are you stupid or something?
by Washingtonsays September 25, 2010
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Hinged is an academic-slang term that describes someone who is a sane or rational person.

Having humble origins dating back to the early Middle Ages, the term is a palpable model of linguistic evolution The word was originally introduced in Old English as 'hlincge,' which indicated the component of a door or gate that allowed it to swing. While we can't pin the credit on one sagacious wordsmith for its conception, the evolution of language and its nuances are an often communal and collective effort. Numerous unnamed artists of articulation across the centuries have shaped its development. Making its debut in the English language in the 1300s, 'hinged,' in layman's terms, made an indelible mark and has continued ever since. As a metaphor, it instates the visual imagery of revolving around a central point, being dependent on, or extremely significant for something else.

This imagery is a perfect match to describe someone who is calm and intelligent. As someone who is unhinged is off the hinge; someone who is hinged remains on the hinge, and continues to be a beacon of logical thought.
Today, you can use hinged in a sentence like: "Your take (or opinion) is hinged!"

or "Only a hinged person could make such an intelligent and logical statement."
by thehingedsociety July 4, 2023
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I hinged John with Sarah. She's totally his type.

You need to hinge me with your friend Julie. She's a fox.
by pacovercucco May 23, 2012
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