an irish reference to the male head of the household. a notch below himself is "that other fellow." even lower is "that thing over there."
so where the hell is himself tonight?
by himself o'leary September 09, 2004
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One who does all of the duties involving shit in the CKY movies of Bam Margera, including, but not limited to: Shitting while running, shitting on a road, shitting off a building, shitting in a car going 70 mph, shitting on a street, shitting on Phil and April's bed, shitting during health class, shitting on a locker, shitting on a window in Times Square, and shitting off the Empire State Building.
This is Raab Himself, and he's going to be pissing on an electric fence.
by EJL November 06, 2003
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Aussie Slang term describing somebody who thinks much higher of themselves than others do and makes sure to let everyone else know why he believes he is superior.
That JohnnyQuinella guy thinks he is gods gift to everyone, he is so up himself. I think everyone is tired of him talking himself up so much
by LayinYaMama March 03, 2016
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a term used for when you poop yourself at least three times while working.
look he sam'ed himself
by hate bby May 21, 2008
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Adj: An introverted personality. Not confident with others. Very quiet in social situations.
Ammy's boyfriend is a Keep To Himselfer.
by MemphisGuy September 23, 2010
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Another way to say something is going to commit suicide/kill themselves.
Fred: 'Did you hear Bob is offing himself tonight?'
Peter: 'Yeah, dude. Sad.'
by Jay Jay <33 September 05, 2008
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