something that makes you laugh hysterically when blazed. it's usually not funny in a clear state of mind.
"yesterday i got lifted and watched jeopardy, that shit was highlarious"
by blazed March 16, 2005
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His high-jump was highlarious!
by chitsb December 30, 2009
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1)a high level of lariousism

2)something hilarious whilst high in a altered state of consciousness
"that was highlarious"
by steen tee April 17, 2003
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something that is found extremely funny, usually after approx. 4:20
my best friend made a PB & ice cream bagel, that's Highlarious
by John November 21, 2003
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adverb. highlariously
adj.1) a high level of lariousism
2) something that is hilarious whilst high in an altered state of consciousness
"why, that was simply highlarious"
by steen tee April 18, 2003
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When something that usually wouldn't be funny is funny, but only because your high.
John : That picture of the dog in the hat was so funny last night, but it is not funny anymore.

Joe: Yea, it was just highlarious, I guess
by justcallmegloria June 20, 2011
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A term that is only funny when all parties involved are under the influence.
Mary told a joke at the party. Everyone cracked up. It was pretty Highlarious
by TehDwarf November 17, 2008
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