Doing something wild or out of the ordinary, that requires bravery and deserves respect.
Jamal: Ay bruh, last night I cheated on my girl wit dis fine ass hoe! And dis morning I told my girl about it, then dumped her ass!

Darrius: Haha damn son, TO THE STREETS!
by Danny Pizzle June 20, 2008
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a method of payment for drugs in prison that involves no money changing hands in the prison system, the buyer has someone outside of prison (on the street) pay the seller's business partners outside of prison (on the street), thus payment goes street-to-street
“How do prisoners pay for drugs?” Gemma asked.
“The dealer may be paid in store items, you may have someone put money on his books, or street-to-street.”
“What’s street-to-street?”
Street-to-street means your friends on the street pay his friends on the street, so the money doesn’t even have to enter the prison system. You should hear some of the stories prisoners make up to their family members and friends as to why they need to pay some stranger hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Which reminds me, another way prisoners get drugs in is they put up ads at, get women writing to them, develop relationships, sometimes even marrying them, and then sweet-talk them into keystering drugs in to visitation. Books, legal mail, and food visits are also other ways.”
-from Jonsjailjournal
by Shaun Attwood May 14, 2008
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Someone that has been been passed around more than COVID-19.
Tony: Hey bro, that girl Amy, she's for the streets. She let every dude smash that.
Chris: Oh shoot fr?
by nosilla_blue April 16, 2021
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The streets are typically home to a diverse population of people and groups. Some of these groups, include hoes, bitches, fucks, morons, and especially Wyatts and other names of that nature. Many alcoholics and nicotine fiends also belong to the streets.
Me: “Is that Wyatt?”
Dylan: “It sure is, but he belongs to the streets.”
Whole group: “STREEEETS”

Whole group: “STREEEETS”
by ClaimedByTheStreets November 4, 2019
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The Streets or just 'Streets' for short is the metaphorical location referenced to by the popular saying 'belongs to the streets' and represents the whereabouts of someone who is notably promiscuous.
"Bro, do you see all these half naked tik toks she posts? Don't catch feelings man, she belongs to the streets."

"Hey boys, what are your thoughts on kylie? She was giving me looks all night."
by Jalan Dukuh Indah, LLC June 8, 2020
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The opposite of bourgeois. 'Street' implies hustle. Every man a potential enemy, every woman a potential hoe. Money is king. The cold reality of day to day life and achieving. Someone who is 'street' is ready to defend themselves at all times and jump on any opportunity to level up. The paradox is that anyone who gets comfortable loses all street cred. There is not one hip hop star today who has street cred, because they have all gone soft.
You're not street, you're five star suite.
by soached August 10, 2010
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