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A hibb is a jerkoff who makes people he can tell what to do to do something that he cant even do because he is a lazy douchebag with a diet consisting of anything that gives you bad cholesteral and chews on a toothpick because he thinks he is a badass... But he is not nor will he ever get laid by a women or an attractive man.
Boy 1: "Wow, Coach is being a real douche today."
Boy 2: "I know, we always do stuff he can't do, like his wife"
Boy 1: "Yeah, he's such a hibb and he always will be."
Girl: "Guys! The coach is having a stroke!"
Boy 1:"He'll be a hibb in Hell as well."
by Rico V April 28, 2009
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To Be Majorly Retarded, Slow Witted And Over Weight. A Creature Who's Diet Consists Of Only Chips And Who's Life Is Run By An Over Protective Mother.
Stop Being Such A Hibbs
You Silly Hibbs
by Liam Rocks The Socks April 30, 2007
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An insult used to disparage all hibernating creatures. Most often used when referring to hedgehogs, Eskimos, and garter snakes.
My grandfather was a beekeeper but they were all hibbs so I let the buzzing bastards loose.
by johnyqd January 11, 2014
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