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A term that can be used to describe institutions, policies and beliefs that reinforce the rigid categories of male and female. These categories, supposedly, determine our sex, sexuality, sexual desire, gender identity, and gender roles.
The proposed law to make sure homosexuals never have marriage rights is just another step down the slippery heteronormativity slope.
by puchella April 28, 2006
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The reason all the commercials featuring happy families, show heterosexual relationships. The reason that if you say, "I'm seeing someone" a person might automatically ask who the person is, referring to them as "she" if you're a boy, or "he" if you're a girl. It is the belief that only male/female relationships are "normal" and that everyone falls into two distinct categories: male and female. It is the assumption that a girl will grow up and marry a man, and that a boy will grow up and marry a woman.
Friend: "Who's your crush?"
Boy: "I don't want to say."

Friend: "Come on, tell me her name!"

Boy: "'s a he."

Friend: *shocked* "Ohh...sorry"
Boy: "It's not your fault. It's just that we grew up in a world ruled by heteronormativity."
by I_write_books August 07, 2017
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