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A viewpoint that expresses heterosexuality as a given instead of being one of many possibilities.

Often expressed subtly, heterosexuality is widely "accepted" as the default sexuality by both print and electronic media, education, law makers, and a range of attitudes expressed by society in general.

The subtle assumption of heterosexuality can be very harmful to those who do not entirely fit within its bounds.
A Heteronormative assumption that a boy will grow up and marry a woman.

A Heteronormative assumption that a girl will grow up and marry a man.

Heteronormative children's books only portraying heterosexuality.

Heteronormative TV Shows only portraying heterosexuality and the assumption that every character is heterosexual.
by Mary-Whitehouse May 31, 2009
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1. Uber-PC term used by very angry and radical LGBT elements, referring to the perception of heterosexuality as normal, and other orientations, by extension, as being "different." As this point of view is a given for most people in the mainstream, even the very gay-tolerant, the term may be considered prejudicial, and is not widely used outside of the LGBT community. Often passed over in favor of the term, heterosexist, the latter being less awkward to pronounce.

2. Term used by the same elements to attack gays for being "not gay enough," for being too assimilated, or straight-acting, or for simply getting along too well with straight people.
1. "Dear Maxim:
How dare you write a dating article for men without devoting 50% of all text, pictures, and opinions to the gay community. It is prejudiced and heteronormative not to give the LGBT community exactly 50% of every thought you think....blah, blah, blah......"

"You know, you're really hot, and I think it's really prejudiced and heteronormative that you won't let me hit on you.....hey, where are you going?"

2. "It pisses me off that David's all heteronormative, and won't wear pink or earrings to any of his job interviews. He should represent more!"
by The Urban Husky July 11, 2010
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A word lesbian feminists use to sound smart.
Pretentious Bisexual Feminist: This article displays a bluntly heteronormative point of view, which I am highly offended by and stuff. Did I mention I'm bisexual? 'Cause I am. I'm also a woman.
by Susan Deborah Nim April 03, 2011
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1. Implying that heterosexuality is the normal sexual preference.

2. Often used to replace the word fag by those that think the above definition is silly since heterosexuality IS the most common sexual preference.
1. That statement is heteronormative.

2. OMG! You're such a heteronormative.
by Bob Dole March 16, 2005
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