1:A disease made up of four specific STDs/STIs. A combination of Herpes, Gonerhea, Sifilis, and last but not least, AIDS.

2:An insult to describe how dirty/slutty someone is.

pronunciation: herp-i-gon-a-sif-il-aids.
X: Dude, your girlfriend has been sleeping around.

Y: That's why I always use a condom.

X: Yeah man, for all we know, she could have Herpi-gona-sifil-aids.
by The Urban Dick January 20, 2011
1- Tame definition: A convenience store/gas station-made beverage using multiple flavours of slush to make a disgusting drink.

2- Slang term: Going down on a known-slut.
(1)"Awe crap! I made a herpie slurpee again."

(1 & 2)"Dayum that's so gross, I think it's a herpie slurpee."

(2)"I've never seen anything quite like that herpie slurpee... The smell was unbearable."
by Hiptochromniack July 4, 2014
hair that is long, thin, greasy, and can be assimilated with poor hygiene.
Rick: Dude!! Did you see that guys hair!? It was so nasty!
Steve: That's some straight up herpy hair! He needs to take a shower!
by D-R0K August 21, 2011
A person who spreads sexually transmitted diseases around with no regard for anyone.
"Just got my test results back.

That fuckin herpie fairy put some shit on me!"
by JEPHPH80 February 21, 2018
Some who starts things with other people, and hates on everyone and everything, expescually when you have something they don't or something better than them.
1.)Omg! Look at that herpy leg!
2.) Are they being herpy legs??
by Mia. S March 26, 2016
Jack got the herpis from the cheer leader in the R.V.
by Zebrasrock January 26, 2019
Where your nipples stay hard for an extended period of time.
"It's so cold outside that I'm going to catch nipple herpies."
by phoeby-buffay December 4, 2019