A very weak tea, as made by people in the office who drink out of rubbish mugs that look like they've never been washed
Tony: hey, did katie make you a tea?
Paul: yeah, it was a proper Herpies tea....
by hamboner2013 March 27, 2013
Someone who is always happy and excited about any and everything.
No one is going on the staff trip except Jim, he's a real herpie Chirp.
by LolaCabana April 1, 2019
The act of receiving oral sex behind a convenience store.
Your mom said she would give me a "Herpie-Slurpee" if I bought her a tank of gas.
by Professor Dean Gullberry November 5, 2014
uselesss; nonsense.
None of your herpy-derpy talk!
by uttam maharjan June 26, 2011
Wait until you're significant other has a herpy breakout on there crotch and suck the juice out of their blisters.
Last night I gave a hooker a herpy slurp.
by cumballs69 January 18, 2017
A mutate of the Succubus and Harpy. A not so endangered species that is mate-hungry, and it's mating call is "Wanna F**k?" or "Got any Drugs?". The Herpis Derpis Maximus has a high rate of vaginal and anal infections. These infections can spread via mating and there goal is to infect anyone and everyone in the world. You can tell the animal is weak when it rubs its nose and sniffles a lot. They travel in flocks. The rate of spreading the infections is a pandemic indeed.
The Herpis-Derpis was seen capturing verginities behind a dumpster.
by Adam Zapyl September 18, 2012
Skanks who give alot of hand jobs (HJ's)and is rumered a hand job whore
Nick: That whore gave like 5 handjobs last night
Jack: What?!? i only new about me nick and charles
Nick: Eww man, she probably has Hand Herpie's now!
by Doc Poc January 13, 2009