It is used to name female people that are really close to you. It means Sister.
Hola hermana, que pasa?

Hey sister, whats up?
by spanishsteve February 23, 2009
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When your doing a Mexican girl and you use hot sauce as lube and as you pound her she screams like that of an Mexican Hermana Singer.
I think I'm going to Mexican Hermana my gf because she is Mexican.
by Cuckshed438 January 8, 2021
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Un hermano o hermana de pierna es cuando dos personas han tenido algún tipo de relación subida de tono con la misma persona, se han comido a la misma persona o han tenido relaciones sexuales con la misma persona.
Con la Sofi somos hermana de pierna porque las dos nos agarramos a Joaco
Sofi and I are hermanas de pierna because we both make out whit Joaco
by marianita August 2, 2020
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Thick and Juicy, a women who just makes you believe that Moses himself would've given his life for her
Did you hear that angel? Hermana Sandra hekn thiccc
by Slick Boi December 30, 2017
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All he said was "Mi Hermana."
by Fiery Shadow June 4, 2019
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