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noun| hee • mo • shun

The emotional reaction a male has when he expresses a feeling for which there is no factual basis.
Male A: “Dude, check out the sweet tits on that chick over there!”
Male B: “Nice bro! But uh gross. There’s some lady breastfeeding her baby right next to her. Disgusting!”
Male A: “Dude. That doesn’t make any sense. You gotta check those hemotions.”
by clevername July 19, 2018
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Rarely seen man-emotions evoked by triumphs of masculinity or broyalty. External evidence of hemotions include no change in facial expression and a lack of crying.
"Tyler wouldn't admit it or show it to his girlfriend but when Vince fired E. on Entourage, he was feeling serious hemotions."
by flyinasunbeam March 26, 2009
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