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a vertically challenged giant who is much shorter than an average male. usually found in the darkest regions of argentina and in the human intestine. hemogoblins are notorious for hibernating inside the human intestine for years on end, causing tremendous amounts of genital gas in women, until they evaporate or are shitted out.
Janice: awww man my stomach kills
Rob: you must have a hemogoblin, try to shit it out
by damianklisz October 20, 2010
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an evil creature that constantly requests that others donate blood.
β€œThe Red Cross called.”
β€œThose hemogoblins!!! I gave blood yesterday!”
by Merryman Webster May 31, 2013
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The component in your blood that determines how creepy you'll seem to young children.
As part of the screening process for counselor positions at a youth-camp, each applicant is required to have a blood-test to determine his hemogoblin levels.
by QuacksO March 12, 2017
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