What a ghetto girl asks you to do after you break up with her. It means that she is going to get her gang to beat you.
Babe, come over tomorrow. I need you to donate blood.
by WhiteGuyWhoLovesLife January 28, 2009
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"You down for donating blood?""
"Yeah, I got the supplies, lets do it after class man."
by UMFAN October 29, 2011
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A Blood Donation is when you eat a chick out while she is on her period.
Sheila said that she was on her period, so I told her it was time for her to do a Blood Donation.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo January 18, 2023
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something nice to do for humanity, especially if you have a less common blood type, or a rare one.

go figure out your full blood type (what's your rh, do you know?), and donate. make it a cool bonding activity that you do with your friends, family, significant other(s), teammates or co-workers, for the good of others...then go brag about it online to make it even more popular, but also to feel better about your selflessness, get those virtual applause and boost your level in the merciless world of online presence.

this can also be a motivator to keep yourself healthier (read it how you see fit, focus on what matters). would you want someone to get bad blood? obviously not! do regular blood check-ups.

also, check before you donate if you can. sometimes you might not be the best person to do so, for example, if you have low blood pressure, just got a tattoo or other skin procedures (wait 6 months), smoke pot sometimes (get clean first, you have bigger issues, you are making your brain mush), take diet pills or other medication that you should not, etc.
blood donation impasse:

Doug: why should i give MY blood away? i need it.
Reason: coward!
by wokeup2this July 11, 2022
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