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Some who is trying to be helpful in a manner that is decidedly NOT helpful, and knows it. People being 'helpy' are often trolls. Word often used in a sarcastic or joking tone.
Person 1: "Can you help me move all these bags inside?"
Person 2: *moves one, very light, bag just inside the door*
Person 1: "Thanks, that was helpy"

Also - most responses to the "photoshop the sun between my fingers" request meme
by Tesla727 May 30, 2016
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Helpy people assist in such a way that the task becomes more messy and complex and takes far longer than it would if you'd just done it yourself. Helpyness is small children or pets assisting with cooking or folding clothes, or anyone you don't know offering to help set up a tent.
Because Poppy was so helpy with the cooking, I had to clean cake mix off the ceiling.
by Belvin Mragg April 16, 2020
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People who's sole purpose is to help you do the things you need done.
Where are all my helpies at? I seriously need a helpie right now to clean my house.
by nuttyirishman February 28, 2012
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When someone else asks you for to use their smart phone to take a helpy group picture or a picture of themselves.
Excuse me sir. Can you please take a helpy of us.? Today is our anniversary.
by Bubba Goose August 03, 2019
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Said of someone providing unwanted assistance or advice, often in a context-insensitive, ineffectual, and condescending manner.
The manager delegated it to me, but then got helpy when I started trying to get it done, so I'll have to do it over when I'm alone in the office.
by irnphnx October 23, 2020
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A alternative way to say Herpies. First used by Brother Love on Keith and The Girl.
Man, I almost slept with a chick that had Helpies
by StasRox February 23, 2008
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