if your reading this and you online date, you need help. im not joking. you need serious help, but on a io game your just a little sh- sorry, my profanity has been spilled because of your disgustin g act of your disgusting ways now go somehwere go outside and please help im trapped inthe urban dictinonary i need help please iehelp help jeel hepl
The act of being disgusting on games that are usually titled Fortnite and Roblox. If you do this, it is scientifically proven you need help, so please stop you could be dating a lego.. a 80-year-old man. That is the definition. this is the defiintion of: stop online datin IM INTHE URBnAN DICITIONARY HELP.
by Quandale Dingle The 1st September 2, 2022
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Like a serving on the side of your meal, a side serving of food or something random.
I took an extra side helping of food with my dinner.
I do enjoy a side helping with my lunch
by January 15, 2022
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What ever happened to that guy? I thought about making a video about it and trying to find the guy and do what you wouldn't but I don't have the resources for that... And I don't want to.... And it would be funnier to wield the horde against my enemies... Because I don't give a shit about helping people anymore, that's for damn sure hahahahahaha!
Hym "I'm still waiting on a follow up about that guy you didn't help. Is he... Is he dead? Did he kill himself? You got to stop promulgating that ideology of yours. YoU dOn'T kNoW hOw MaNy PeOpLe It'S kIlLiNg 😫 Ha! That's funny. I'm funny. Hey, I've been sitting on this one for a while now. You want to hear it? I really wish I'd get the chance to uses these in person but whatever. Ok. You ready? Here it goes: 'I would have asked for help but all saw what happened to the last guy!' Get it? 'We all saw what happened to the last guy.' That was a good one. Man, I've had that since like day one. Is it easier now that I'm not 'grateful?' You feel better? You looked a little choked up. Shit, how long has it been since I threw my laundry in? God is it hard to keep track of time without electricity. Last day of the month though. Which means I only have to take shitty orders for one more day! Oh, and did you see the weekend content thing? Totally untapped market. See how full of shit Steven was with the knife guy thing? They be stabbing up muggers lately. Alright. Running out of characters. Gtg love you byyyyyye!
by Hym Iam July 31, 2022
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Thisb when you need help with thing that require physical strength like taking a lid off a jar for example.
I need man help. I can't get this television out of my car.
by MarianneM January 2, 2017
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"It's an Adirondack concept, 'whisper for help,' when you run into an aggressive person that is really attracted to you, you usually give them a half hour to stop and whisper for help" -Roy Hurd, "Greatest Musician Alive"
Listen to Roy Hurd's "Whisper for Help" on the album 'As Real As It Gets" on Spotify, IHeartRadio, iTunes, TuneIn or youtube.
by Wisjd August 22, 2017
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A slang used in Nigeria pidgin English, usually in question form, to give an expression that someone is less important or valuable to than they claim or seem to be. Usually rude.
Boy A: If you keep talking, i will walk away.
Boy B: you can leave if you want, (who you help?)
by Najaboi4life February 4, 2018
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greatest cover of all times. performed by cole preston from wallows. it belongs to rochi aka zukosnight
with a little help from my friends its rochi's cover
by November 1, 2020
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