Derogatory term used to address a bunch of complete douchebags. Often used in times of extreme anger.
"You fucks! Get your sorry asses here or I'll make you wish you were never born!"
by bbqsawce November 03, 2013
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A way how to express your emotions. Commonly used in Switzerland and has no meaning.
„I am eating your sandwich
No you fuck its mine!“
by Flowerscumfuck December 12, 2020
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Used when cannot think of any other comeback. Often said aggressively, while forcefully grasping the others shirt in pure anger. Originated by a genious in my brother's gym class.
"Hey ryan! Nice glasses. HAHAHAHA!"
"YOU = FUCK!!!"
by mrhgibs January 31, 2005
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When your friend decides to do i like your cut G with a pinch of disinfectant in his hand and you know you’re fucked.
Friend*with disinfectant in his hand*:„I LIKE YOUR CUT G!”
You*raging*:„YOU FUCK! Now im full of disinfectant you bitch!”
by Flowerscumfuck December 14, 2020
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a short lazy stoner way of saying "go fuck yourself"
you- "man i got the munchies. gimme some of your fuckin cookies"
Me- "you-fuck-you"
by Heroin Joe February 17, 2009
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When you're trying to watch a movie on YouTube and it's been removed due to copyright. Fuck them mothafuckas, that ain't right.
Steve- Man- I wanted to watch The Interview on YouTube and instead Bitchass SKAAANK came ovefer and said YOutuuubbbe doesnt have it and then try to distract me with some random NYEUGA who doesn't have anything to do with James Muthafunking Franco when Im just trying to snuggle with my ugly bitch, and they direct to some brokeass website that they say has moth-er3%@ing SETTTH ROGAAAINE and it takes me to muther fluckin BROPLAY DOT MOTHERFUCKIN COMM NIIIIIGGGAAA And looking like the mutherfucking DOuche NOZZle for the night I look up to the night sky and say, Fuck them mothafuckas, that ain't right!!

Friend-That's cool man but I just wanted some of the chips man. But, you right. You got You-fucked, Youtube you-fucked you up, fuck them mothafuckas, that ain't right.
by wazzdat March 25, 2015
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