Hellas, or Έλλας, is the Hellenic name for the region more commonly known as Greece, which is anglicized from the the name the Barbaroi Romaioi used, Graecia. Historically, Hellas was a disunified region due to its mountainous region, creating diversity and of course, fighting that made them manly enough so that Megas Alexandros could use some of them alongside his Makedonian Greeks in smashing the PERSAI. Although the Diadochoi power wasn't in Mainland Hellas, Hellas there was still known for the FIRST ZOO in the world (even the term Zoo is derived from ζωον, meaning animals) as well as some of the largest ships in ancient history (Zheng He and his treasure ships would have to wait one and three fifths of a millenia), as well as the invention of many war machines such as the lithoboloi and the katapeltai (katapeltai first indicated in Syrakousai, a Hellenic city in Trinakrie). Hellas' most important contribution to the modern world is that it defended democracy by buttwhooping the Italians under Mussolini, and delaying the Nazis enough to get General Winter activated to freeze Nazi ass, even though the leader of Hellas was Fascist himself.

Detractors of Hellenes, largely the Skopioi, say Hellass (ironically revering the actual name rather than using the name defiled by the ROMAIOI) because they envy the Hellenic contributions of the world: The Skopioi didn't have a republic in the 19th century!
ΖΗΤΩ Ή ΈΛΛΑΣ! (Zeto he Hellas!)
Long live Greece!

Hellas invented Lithoboloi. Rome invented orgies.
by HellasFTW December 20, 2010
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Northern California contaction of "hell of". Used like the adjectives "very" or "really", or the adverb "way". Often used by NorCal inhabitants without being aware. Very similar to the "wicked" of Boston. It is now generally only found in the Bay Area, specifically the East Bay, where its use has thrived. Not heard, ever, outside of Northern California.
That chick is hella ugly, dude.
Slow down, you're going hella fast.
by oaktown balla September 22, 2004
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Hella means that there is alot or many of something.
There was hella dudes at the park.
by LiLM4M4SZ March 06, 2008
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Demeaning expression for the city of Los Angeles, California. Phonetically similar to ¨L.A
You're not going to ¨Hell-A¨. It's full of criminals and palm trees.
by Ben654735436 April 03, 2007
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The northern californian way of saying very, or if u really no-cal, you just throw it in anywhere, at least like 5 or 6 times in a sentence.
by kt$ March 18, 2003
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it`s a word used in the yay and so-cal people are hella jealous cuz they ain`t got shit!
so-cal people are hella dumb and jealous they can`t live here.
by Vallejo September 02, 2005
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Hell of
Best word ever
Anyone who says it's not from NorCal is a hella big idiot.
Especially ppl from Las Vegas... fags
It's hella chill here.

Las Vegas is hella gay!

People who hate ppl saying hella are hella gay!
by nilesgamer January 21, 2008
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