a word that is used to say a lot of something, or really, or very much so. Usually used by awesome people, and usually heard in the Northern region of California, such as the bay area, and the areas that closely surround it. It originated in the Bay. Many people that aren't from these areas don't understand it's usage and to many of them, it is offensive to their ears. Why you ask? It is one of the many unsolved mysteries of the world. It is usually a large part of the people who say it's vocabulary, and it is usually said nonchalantly and unknowingly. HELLA. learn it. use it. love it. embrace it. if you don't want to then you should probably just pull a Vincent Vangough right about now.
"Damn, I am hella stoned right now."

"Wow, there are hella people downtown tonight."

"stfu, your hella dumb."
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Hella is used mainly in Northern California/Central Valley. If one from NorCal or the Valley goes to vacation to the coast or SoCal and uses hella, they might be shunned or easily spotted as a tourist. Most who are not from the Valley or NorCal do not know how to use hella properly.
The most common use is when it replaces "very" or "a lot".

Normal: It was very hot and a lot of people went swimming.
Hella-fied: It was hella hot and hella people went swimming.

It can also replace "straight up" or "word".

Normal: Man, it's so hot!
Hella-fied: Man, it's hella hot!
by motizzle August 19, 2006
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Maximally quantifying term; originated in Northern California.
How many people were at the party? Hella.

Man, the Warriors hella kicked the Lakers' ass!

Let's count the real numbers: 1, 2, 3, ... hella.
by Anonymous November 13, 2004
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A word widely used by the youth of the Sanfrancisco Bay Area and it's surrounding cities. It can be used as an adjective, noun, adverb, and a few interjections, but it is mostly used as an adverb. It can replace descriptive words meaning "high quantities", primarily words such as 'very' and 'many', and also substitutes for words groups like 'a lot' and 'a bunch'
very- He was going hella fast.
many- Hella people died that day.
a lot(of)- I had hella fun, but I gtg now.
a bunch(of)- He pwned hella n00bs last game.

by Jerry Tristan June 10, 2008
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i'm from norcal so pretty much we say hella a lot. it means very, a lot, or just to throw it in because nothing else works. socal people trip too hard off it.
people from socal are hella stupid for never shutting the fuck up about a word.

i'm hella bored

your hella stupid
by jenna August 15, 2004
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The word hella dates back hella long. The first time I remember hearing it was in oakland in 1978.
Evreyone seems to think that the word originated in San Francisco, and thats hella wrong.
by steve July 29, 2005
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Contraction of "Hell of..."
MEANING: "A lot of..." but not just in terms of quantity, but also magnatude.

*That greek def. (see above) is insane- whatever... "Hecka" was what a suburban loser from Walnut Creek (or Hayward) might say, simply because the word "Hell" as in "Hell-a" wasn't as commonly permitted in Sunday-school-going areas.
Circa 1980 (4th grade Berkeley, CA):
"His Vans are hella cool"
"Yeah... Jessie's hella fine"

Circa 1987 (B.H.S.)
"That party was hella weak"
"There were hella fools up here"
"He slings hella weed"
by chic-lit March 25, 2005
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