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A cold word used mostly for a chuckle, but only some people know its true meaning.

Heh is a short reply, where usually the person who is typing it is feeling down or annoyed. Hardly a chuckle, in my opinion.
"So we went to the movies together, it was fun!" my friend told me...

...All I could do is reply with a, "heh".
by Kuriin September 06, 2003

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An adult who is sexually attracted to a child, or children under the age of which is legal in the country.
John was searching for little children by the school to abduct; what a pedophile.
by Kuriin April 30, 2003

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OFN means, "Old Fucking News" meaning, GET WITH THE FUCKING TIMES!
"Hhahaha, did you see t his totally l33t flash?"

"OFN Loser by like a year."
by Kuriin August 17, 2004

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Role-Playing Game, meaning you must have character development and some sort of storyline.
Any Final Fantasy, Vagrant Story, Legend of Dragoon, Seiken Densestsu (Secret of Mana), Kingdom Hearts, Xenogears/Xenosaga, etc.
by Kuriin April 30, 2003

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