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intoxicated, drunk, off your face.

alternative meaning - on a sugar high.
After two shandies I was totally heened.
by Gabrielle April 23, 2003
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A slang term deriving from the word 'seened,' a modification of the verb "to see". While the initial meaning of the word was meant to be a modification of the verb "to hear," it has been known to be used to express when one sees another, or can also be used to acknowledge someone else's presence, idea, or action. Additionally, "heened" can be used to assert one's dominance after winning in a game. Currently, this term is most prevelant among the North East Coast of the U.S, in areas such as Boston and Hartford.
Acknowledge: "Oh I heened you, man!"
Brag: "Get heened!"
by patchbakk July 06, 2012
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1. To "Heen" someone, or to get "Heened" is to be waiting on someone and the person you are waiting on finds time, and a place to take a power nap. This usually happens at the absolute worst possible time, and more often than not, an almost unbelievable location.

2. A version of getting "Had", except dealing with time.

3. The ultimate insult to a person's patience.
Little did I know that while I was having a panic attack waiting for him to get out of the shower, he had piled some towels up around the toilet and was taking a nap while running the water so it would sound like he was in the shower. I've been "Heened".

He told me that he was right around the corner, so I'll wait for him here in this bad neighborhood. He'll be here in 2 minutes. (2 hours later he calls and says he isn't going to make it, and not to wait up) You've been "Heened".
by Slowheen April 24, 2011
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