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To accept, admit, or recognize something, or the truth or existence of something.
They refused to acknowledge the new government.
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by Toa Pohatu February 21, 2017
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Something senpai will never do.
Female 1: Hey has Senpai acknowledged you yet?
Female 2: No he will never acknowledge me.
by lolcondor June 25, 2016
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Accept or admit the existence or truth of. (of a body of opinion) Recognize the fact or importance or quality of.
Person "I gave you a chance to acknowledge what you have done and continue to do to me whenever I'm around. What you failed to realise is that by choosing not to do so; You have chosen not to have me as a part of your lives."

Mother "........"
by APorpoisesPurpose October 02, 2018
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If you have received a blow job it is referred to as knowledge or brains. The act of the blow job is considered acknowledge, knowledge in the act.
When my girl sees me, she's going to acknowledge that.
by MLProductions April 15, 2016
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