a person who says shit while someone is trying to do stand-up comedy to screw him up cuz he's an asshole or if the act completley sucks.
The heckler screwed the comedian over.

Bill cowan is a fat ass
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
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1 - an idiot who feels the compelling need to be an asshole.
2 - one who insults and harrasses others to feel better about oneself.
3 - see asslantern
Trance stuck an entire helium tank up the ass of the heckler at FnS.
by TranceStep441 April 11, 2003
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Short for German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch.
"Tryin to stretch out the coca, like a wrestler, yessir
Keep the Heckler close, you know them smokers'll test ya"

by xxx January 18, 2005
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Noun: Mainly used to designate a loudmouth punk in any kind of audience. Usually drunk, almost inevitable at comedy clubs. Stand-up comics \ comedians \ and other performers generally hate when they happen --- although they can be viciously eviscerated with fast, ready wit. When a comic shuts a heckler down quickly, the comic's status goes WAY up, fast. If they flail and fail against them, it can end the set.

Verb: heckle To loudly interrupt a performance with insults, or just incoherent babbling.

Related words\phrases: Heckler's veto -- Heckler's suppression -- AutoHeckler

In social media and other forums of expression - the anticipated 'flame war' or flood of extra negative comments can prevent a person from sharing something they wish to share. That is a Heckler's Suppression.
Louis CK shut the heckler down slowly. Clearly enjoying the chance to unload the kind of insults that would make Don Rickles vomit and run away. He took her to pieces. It was a thing of inestimable beauty. A master class of shutting a drunk punk way, way down, and keeping the audience increasingly entertained. These smashed amateurs need to stay away, but it is great when you get to watch them get belittled into a tiny wad of insignificance that the rest of the set blows far away.

Michael Richards admitted that his response to the disruptive heckler was way over the line.
by —thoughtstorms— March 15, 2017
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The second oldest profession in the world.
Welcome to the Heckling Club, where we will bring down the Glee Club. The heckler is the second oldest profession in the world.

-Sue Sylvester
by justjelliot May 6, 2011
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1) an idiot who feels the compelling need to be an asshole
2) <i>see asslantern</i>
Trance took the heckler and threw him across the skating rink at FnS.
by TranceStep441 April 11, 2003
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powerful gun used by gangs and drug dealers
"i'll use a 99 cal plus a heckler to set you straight"
by lindzer May 2, 2004
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