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Word used by young children in NorCal (mostly bay are i.e San Fransisco, oakland, dublin, pleasenton, livermore etc.) before they are old enough to use hella without getting in touble.
Your hecka stupid!

This hecka sucks monkey butt!
by I HEART MUFFINS November 17, 2005
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Hecka is word that was originated in NorCal as a more subtle way of saying "Hella".
If you don't know what "Hella/Hecka" means, it is another way of saying "very", "really", or "so".
It is very often used much more often then just for those three words as a replacement.
When said jokingly, people will also say "Heck Of" instead of "Hecka".
"Hecka" is probably the sole most annoying word to say around people from out of Northern California.
If you say "Hecka" around people from other states often, they get annoyed really quick and generally, absolutely suck at trying to use the word correctly... but it is fun to watch them fail miserably at using an awesome word.
It can also be used at the end of a sentence, even though it my sound a little weird, it is still accepted unlike "very", "really", and "so".
Dude that's hecka awesome.

You're hecka gay.

I know, sucks hecka.

I bought a hecka lot of donuts this morning fool.

It sucked hecka bad.

by Casey Schoch March 28, 2008
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the word commonly used by cool californians that live in p-town
omg..that movie was hecka cool...

wow, i'm hecka hungry...

dude, my face hecka hurts...
by icetea September 10, 2004
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a word used by those who are too afraid to use the word hella, or used by young children. hexa is also acceptable for younger people.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
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A more friendly version of the word Hella, used to make prominent the high level of awesomeness of whatever it is you are speaking of.
"Dude, that movie was hecka sweet!
by Tony Hicks November 03, 2007
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