“OMG look at this picture of Tyler and Crystal! Tyler’s totally giving her heart eyes.”
by ScallisonShipper October 7, 2018
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Heart Eyes Howell is the name given to danisnotonfire/Dan Howell when he looks lovingly at his best friend and flatmate AmazingPhil/Phil Lester. The two are also shipped as Phan.
Person One: OMG! Did you see the new DanandPhilGAMES video? SO CUTE!
Person Two: OMG yes! Dan was staring at Phil so much. Such Heart Eyes Howell action!
by CNS2004 February 5, 2017
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When bear (danny/d-slice,phil trash number 1) looks into his boyfrriend philly's eyes and sets every fangirls heart on fire :))
"heart eyes howell and love eyes lester are the reason im still here"
by idek yno just leave me be April 13, 2018
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A trend created by PrestonPlayz in 2016
When bae brings you ramen heart eye emoji

Just binge watched 3 seasons of my favorite anime heart eye emoji
by Brookili March 21, 2016
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You don't tend to look at people you've rejected fondly.
Those weren't heart eyes he was looking at her with.
by Solid Mantis October 2, 2019
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