1. unrelenting ruthlessness and rage; pure intensity and determination, mixed with anger; a feeling commonly felt by a badass
2. a statement demonstrating one's immeasurable, and at times entirely random, anger
1. The fury that Ray Lewis exuded in his bone-crushing tackle on Kellen Winslow was so palpable that the majority of the stadium was left in everlasting fear.
Jose Contreras: whats up man?
Bruce Lee: FURY!!
Jose Contreras: good point.
by benny b from the bronx October 22, 2004
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A domicile of Kollam, a district in Kerala. The word "fury" is actually a socially acceptable, less offensive form of "Kollam Poorie". Furies are extreme cheapstakes and will never hesitate to earn or ask an extra penny that belongs to him/her.
Guy 1: Hey I got a 10 paise coin from her pussy when I fingered her yesterday.
Guy 2: Makes sense, she's a kollam fury.
by mallumyranbish December 28, 2019
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One with many sick kickalicks who just keeps dippin' and just keeps switchin' lanes.
Better not scuff his shoes, cause this fury has got a man on the inside.
by Terrance M May 25, 2006
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To hit/punch someone. Linked with boxer Tyson Fury.
"Im going to fury him" = im going to punch him
by Yoinkedoffyourbarn July 17, 2019
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I guy that watches dog porn and then dresses up as a dog and screw other people that dress up as dogs.
That kid is such a fury. I saw him jerking it to my pet pug.
by cogsworth August 31, 2016
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A person who dresses in animals,but much more cringe.
Some furys use being a fury for being freaky and an 'alpha'
"Wow this mans a straight up furry!"
"Can you believe it,shes a furry and thinks shes an aplha!"
"Furys are cringe"
by XBloody_zoeX June 2, 2021
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Snake like creature,likes to hear own voice.
Wannabe biker
Famous throughout the Uk biking community for phoning the police cause some one photoshoppped a picture of him.

Reviled by other because,a comic hate figure
That Fury really rips my knitting
by real biker February 14, 2010
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