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I coudln't believe it when that Jewish guy whipped out his headless horseman, I thought those guys had some kind of foreskin trimming part or something.
by Schuhdaddy October 30, 2007
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When the driver, preferably girl, gives a blowjob to the passenger. Often confused with road dome. Except this gives off the appearance no one driving the car, like the headless horseman.
Heard he got road dome!!-Jeff
Nah bitch he got dat headless horseman shit, she was driving!!!-Grizzy
by HGrizzy July 01, 2011
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an excruciatingly pleasureful yet taxing homosexual act in which both participants are simultaneously gagged and resemble the headless horseman mounted on his bucking bronco
Neil: Great headless horseman last night. You make one hell of a stallion.

Bob: Make me your pony slut.
by Boner Jones!! February 26, 2011
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An alcoholic mixed drink invented in San Francisco which combines one part straight Jameson and one part straight Jack Daniels. "Headless" because you have to be stupid to order it and "horseman" because you need to be able to have the tolerance of a horse to drink it.
"Bartender, I'd like one headless horseman please"
"You seriously want me to mix jack Daniels and Jameson?"
by Halbert9000 September 08, 2017
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a guy who is doomed to roam the earth looking for some head which he has sadly never gotten

a close but slightly more sad cuzin of a perma-virgin
person1:why is he talking to them fat chix...
person 2:hes a headless horseman...hes trying to find some head so his soul can rest
by Bigeast 34 March 12, 2006
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