A HeadCanon is something that did not happen Canonically or Factually in an event(story, reality, etc.) but is something you would've liked to happen.
"I ship Name with Name. I think I would've liked if Event happened instead of Event."

"What? That's weird. Why do you think like that?"

"Oml, don't be a B¡tch. It's just a HeadCanon."
by Label_The_Candle August 22, 2021
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Something that was supposed to be fun and light but is tainted with weird Gen z that need to make everything about sexuality and gender
Weird Gen z: My headcanon is that this character from this story is an aro/ace-homosexual nonbinary
Others: oh.. I don't really care about that. I just wanna watch the show
Weird Gen z: oh so you're a arophobic, homophobic and transphobic
by robynngaeblack October 18, 2021
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Definitely in no way related to Hetalia, it refers to what a character from the webcomic Homestuck sounds like in their heads
Oh gog Octopimp's voices have so much headcanon in them
by AeromanDVance November 25, 2011
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An extreme act of oral sex on a penis.
She said she was good at blow jobs, but that girl straight up headcanon-ed me.
by jk_unicorn May 7, 2019
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A Headcanon is something that happened besides the cartoon, not exactly in the cartoon
Canon is a history that we learn about in a cartoon (Like probably Luna x Sam, in The Loud House) in the main cartoon, not in a reboot or spin-off, a head canon is a connection to the history
Is possible that if a cartoon have a headcanon, it gets on a episode of itelf (like Stan Pines liked ms susan, in a episode they reveal what happened in their "date")
So, a Headcanon is a head of the cartoon (because maybe is going to be revealed soon) that answer a BIG question but is also a Canon
Well, Marceline and Princess Jujube was a couple in a headcanon, confirmed by someone who worked on the cartoon that is from Nickelodeon and was adopted by Cartoon Network
by #PãoÉMuitoBom March 19, 2019
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When someone posts their own view or belief of something they think happened in a piece of fiction as a fact or truth when it hasn't been stated or addressed as such by the work itself or the creators of said fiction. Usually used to try to fix plotholes in a story.
Bill: This water has healing properties because in Book 3 , they gave some to Saragal and it healed her.

James: It does? But the book never says anything about that spring having healing powers and the characters who drank from it before never had their injuries healed.

Bill: Well it makes sense, so its true!

James: Bill, you can't just use your own headcanon solution as a way to explain something that has no evidence for.
by JazzRobot August 11, 2017
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