A princess disguising as a commoner, known for her wit, creativity and seductive powers.
With her ability to melt hearts by gaze, she single handedly stole Mario and Link away from Peach and Zelda.

She rules over her legion of secret admirers and huge fan base from her many ingeniuous short stories.

An unobtainable, passionate and highly desired young woman.
Friend1: Can you make it for Robin's birthday party tonight?
Friend2: No time to talk, I have to climb the Himalyas, fight a house of Ninja Tigers, and lose my left pinky in a fire tornado.
Friend1: Princess Jujube summoned you for a game of chess after a perilous quest didn't she?
Friend2: Yes
Friend1: HOLD ON! I'm comming too!
by Shad20 May 14, 2011
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