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Neoprounouns are basically nicknames: you use them in non-formal situations, like whit friends, or in games/socials.
Of course, some kind of neoprounouns, are not valid and mockery, for example "pizza / pizzaself , or pog /pogself" ,but neorpounouns like xe / xem, it / its , or even ghost / ghostself are valid! One last thing: if you don't want to use someone neoprounouns, you can still use thwir normal prounouns (every valid person that uses neoprounouns, has a least 1 normal prounoun like she, he, they.)
Hi! My prounouns are he/they/xe!
Cool, i don't support thought neoprounouns.
Ah that's fine. You can still use he they!
by Emo.hello.kitty August 12, 2021
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A headcanon can be seen as two things:
As a canonical fact in the game / anime / show that is either mentioned or not mentioned in it . But, it also can be a non canon fact that, basing it off other canonical facts in the game / anime / show, could make sense as canon.
Did you know that there is a danganronpa headcanon that says that there is a website based off canon stories happened in danganronpa 2? In the game, ghundam mentions it once!!

I think that teruteru could be headcanoned as bisexual ! He likes girls for sure, but in the game he shows some hint abput he may be interresed in guys too !
by Emo.hello.kitty August 12, 2021
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The meaning of headfanon gets usually mistaked for the meqning of headcanon.

A headfanon is a fact that fans consider canon basing it off their immaginations, but it will never be accutaly canon. A headfanon, for the fact that it is not canonical, can contain random aspects of how a character looks like/ identify as / is attracted to.
I headfanon chihiro fujisaki as transgender, black whit vitiligo, gay and nonbinary becouse i want to.
by Emo.hello.kitty August 12, 2021
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