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Something that always seems to happen mostly around wintertime, especially Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year's just when you've firmed up your plans to see your family and/or friends. Often caused by idiotic, careless people who don't bother to contain their sneezes and coughs in a handkerchief or shake hands with the same hand they've just sneezed and coughed into.while they're hovering around you on the bus and/or train. Usually takes three days to catch after you're exposed, and makes you feel miserable for at least five days, with sneezing, coughing, stuffy and runny nose, sometimes a headache, and weakness. Yukkkk!
I just caught a bad head cold, so I can't visit Grandma for Hanukkah.
by pentozali July 10, 2008
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The act of sneezing directly after finishing filletio, giving head, forcing the seminal byproduct out of the nostrils.
She had a fit of a headcold.
by CheesemooG August 06, 2009
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When a girl gives you head and the guy busts his load in her mouth, she chokes and it ends up coming out of her noise
She couldn't handle all the jizz and got a head cold after giving homeboy a blowjob
by Willy Wankkerr August 03, 2010
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When a woman gives head to a guy she doesn't like, holds his load in her mouth like a chipmunk, comes back up to kiss him, but instead wraps her mouth around his nose and blows the load into his nostrils, depositing the sticky-icky into his sinus cavity.
Rachael gives mean head but if you ever cross her watch out, she gives an even meaner headcold.
by Jimmy Gold December 26, 2017
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