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A person who is a fully sick massive beast.
"Its a Hawkie up ahead. Everyone be scared" This shows the pure massivness of the hawkie.
by Chief Wigam March 13, 2009
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One who has partaken in the activity of skateboarding purely because they were influenced by a computer game. (more specifically Tony Hawks Pro Skater). Slang form the mean streets of Sotuhend-on-Sea.
I get to a skate spot and all I see is a bunch of Hawkies.
by Rob G June 08, 2004
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The god of a magical place of online entertainment for enlightened technicaly adept adults (students premitted before 9 with ID)
Hawkies world Rocks.

Howkies, the place to be when it's raining.
by Loaf April 29, 2004
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