a variant of awesome which includes the pronunciation of the implicit "silent h". It describes something with the characteristic of being exceedingly awesome.
Dude, you ate seven double cheeseburgers... that's hawesome!
by nomad421 February 8, 2006
Used whenever Sacramento Kings player Spencer Hawes does something awesome.
*Spencer Hawes goes for a slam dunk*
"That was HAWESOME!"
by Wolfay March 9, 2009
(adj) a combination of "haha" and "awesome" to describe something so funny you can't get out two words separate words.
girl: "i'm on the bus and there's a woman talking like she inhaled an entire balloon. children talk in a lower pitch than her."

friend: "hawesome"
by BDestroya April 27, 2010
hot + awesome = hawesome. A totally mind-blowing, fantastic person you can't get enough of. They are drop dead gorgeous and legen..... wait for it...... dary all at the same time. Truly a gift from heaven above.
Janice is hawesome.

Hey Trish, do you know Jackson Avery? He's hawesome.
by speedyslug June 5, 2010
awesome spelled with an H
That was an hawesome movie
by locustking December 19, 2008
its a mixture of hot and awesome
I dont care what everyone says, i think your hawesome!
by GAGABOMBSHELL June 6, 2010
As awesome as a horse (not a whore)
"Wow! That was fucking hawesome"
"As awesome as a whore?"
"No! As awesome as a horse"
by JMurf January 31, 2009