Watching a TV show or movie that you hate because you hate it.

Usage note: hatewatching is distinct from enjoying a guilty pleasure, wherein you like something despite its obvious badness. A hatewatched show is one the viewer genuinely despises but cannot stop watching. This could be because it is so "important" they feel they have to, because it has enough promise that they hope it gets better, because it's so well-crafted in it's terribleness that the badness itself is noteworthy, or because they enjoy the adrenaline that pure revulsion can bring. Whatever the reason, the hatewatcher can't look away from the trainwreck.
"Hey, why do you watch every episode of The Newsroom if you think it's so bad?"
"I'm hatewatching it, hoping it achieves self-awareness."
by beatnikherbie July 15, 2013
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Following someone on social media closely although you don't like them. Could be for many reasons:

- A frenemy laying low, acting normal
- Collecting tea to gossip/talk shit
- Finding (reaching) for justification to not like them
- Jealous of them so you study everything about them
- Scared of them so you pay attention to their schedule and friends to avoid them
- Evil so you pay attention to their schedule and friends to plot something manipulative

- Making sure they're not talking shit because you have a chip on your shoulder

- Hoping for schadenfreude

For whatever reason, know thy enemy. "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
Carl is so self-absorbed. I'd unfollow him but I'm not done hatewatching.

Lina used to react to my stories but now she just hatewatches.

I don't even know why she requested to follow me. I think she just wants to hatewatch.
by TMZreporter February 12, 2020
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Hatewatch is when you are watching a television program even though you tell everyone that it's stupid and you hate it.
An example of hatewatch is watching big brother (cause i no nobody realy likes it)
by jphw March 25, 2009
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Watching a sporting event hoping a player gets injuries while losing.
by Bfunkadelia February 3, 2019
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