the state of being in a terrible situation; or loss of self control and mental stability.
When Annie and Corey are apart for too long, terribleness ensues.
by the dynamic October 23, 2015
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When an action, event, or sequence of events, is so bad the scale of it can not be easily explained.
You can’t imagine the terriblism of today.
by Scfc1 July 28, 2020
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It means someone who has a high ability to be terrible.
Terrance know some creeps score really high on the terribility scale. They have a high ability to be terrible.
(From the book, Magnumb, Private Eye)
by Magnumb,Private Eye February 10, 2022
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something that is more terrible
HIM : you're terrible
HER: well you're terribler

HIM: That's not even a word
HER: Yes it is look it up on urban dictionary
by smallzz101 April 22, 2020
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