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Just like David Hasselhoff in Bay Watch, a 'Hasselhoffer' is a man who is clearly past their prime and who still believes that they have “got what it takes”. They act in such a way, with the ladies, that they believe that they would still be attracive to you but they would actually makes you cringe.

An older man who annoys you when you look at them on screen, and makes you feel that if they were to “come on to you” or try and chat you up, your flesh would creep.

They think that they are suave, sophisticated, charming but are actually well past their expiry date and are not cool at all!
David Hasselhoff
Pierce Brosnan
William Shatner
Tom Jones
Tom Selleck
Clint Eastwood
Burt Reynolds
Donald Trump

NOT a Hasselhoffer
Jack Nicholson
John Travolta
John Malkovich
Dustin Hoffman
Sean Connery
by Niki & Sue - B-O-A July 14, 2008
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