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Drinking to such a excess that you wake up the next day feeling entirely refreshed and not at all hung over.
Hombre uno: Mi amigo how are you not completely destroyed we drank the entire bar last night.
Hombre dos: Muchacho I drank just the right amount to have a hard reset.
Hombre uno: ยกDios mio!
by fightswithbears June 12, 2018
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To catch up on a steady sleep routine by depriving yourself of evening-naps until a reasonable bedtime is reached, whereby one can go to sleep and awaken the next day, having made full advantage of former tiredness to get to sleep early the night of the reset.
John didn't sleep Friday night, So he trawled through Saturday, barely managing to stay conscious until 11.00pm before collapsing, and awakening with elegant fashion awakening at 9am on Sunday, thus completing a typical Hard Reset
by ssshhhhhh February 04, 2013
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A process used to drain the excess charge from a computer's battery to remedy boot problems.

Also functions as a sexual metaphor.
I thought my computer had died, but all it needed was a hard reset.
by Swayyd August 16, 2009
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When you're jacking off and someone punches you in the balls.
I was just about to cum all over her face and she Hard Reset me!
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by Ulrick_Goldmane August 07, 2017
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