An old saying from Cambridge Harvard, where the professor jokingly says: “hard hard lemon hard” for a certain test.
This phrase eventually made its way throughout Harvard and is originally dated back to the research university itself.
“Wow, this test was quite difficult
For sure, it was Hard Hard Lemon Hard.
by Mike Xin March 17, 2019
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a try hard hardcore is some one who thinks he is 'hardcore' but really isnt. They often have no or few freinds and listen to 'cool' music in their standards. They also lye alot about geting laid and smoking drugs but their too wussy to do so
that guy is a try hard-hardcore, hes never done anything like that in his life
by King ReA April 14, 2005
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A wannabe or try hard that makes it so important to get a look or style that it is all they think about, and they try so hard to fit what they want to be that you can blates tell they are trying.
1. You could tell she was a try hard when she got coontails like kiki kannibal, but when she also copied dakota's leopald pattern there was nothing left to call her but a die hard try hard.

Ash: I'm hardcore
Me: You're hardcore alright.. try-hardcore
by ieatemosforbreakfast July 22, 2008
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working hard at one's job whether it's hustling or an actual job so you can have fun and party without any worries
by Lalaaa July 06, 2013
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Attitude (often motto) present in many elitist or successful groups of people especially at wealthy, elite private schools, expensive highly-ranked universities, and among yuppies. Basically means that one works hard at school or their job while they also party on the weekends (or weekdays as well, depending on how far they take it).

Stupid because it basically provides an excuse for mindless partying directing one's life without any space for taking anything seriously in the world.

Sometimes leads to side effects like alcoholism. Usually outgrown as one gets older.
Ivy league student: Hey look at me I'M SO DRUNK HAHAHA

Old high school friend: Wow you weren't like this in high school. As I recall you were really studious and nerdy...

by pisstake March 28, 2011
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A person who’s incredibly dedicated to their career and often has more then one job yet never turns down a good time. Their schedule is so crammed with work and social events that they have to pull out a 20lb planner to pencil you in.
Work hard play hard. Alishia. On top of her game, educated, has a full-time career, dedicated mother, plans every detail of her life. She’s so busy that when you text her she will forget to text you back but will call you in a rush on speaker phone on her way to next event or as she’s working on something. (There will always be another person she’s speaking to at the same time) However, when it’s time to go out she will pregame in the car with fireball shots, drop it like it’s hot when her song comes on, and she’s a social butterfly loved by everyone she meets.
by JMarron October 02, 2021
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