A mixture of juice (pineapple, fruit punch or orange from concentrate) and alcohol usually rum (White or Aged) that taste nothing like liquor and fools many into believing they are drinking only juice until the effects start to take effect. Happy juice is usually stronger than drinking the same liquor on another basis as many bottles can be used and the taste barely changes.

Recipe can be experimented with and varied to drinkers preference
Some girls don't like to drink straight hard liquor so they drink Happy Juice as an alternative and get even more fucked up.
by abelizeanwhodrinksalot August 07, 2009
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Another word used to say jizz, cum, man juice, etc.
Person 1: Oh man i heard u and (insert girl's name here) fu**ed last night.

Person 2: Yeah! man i spilled my HAPPY JUICE everywhere!!!.
by oh!no June 26, 2009
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Semen, cum, jizz

Semen Therapy
Lisa's doctor prescribed MOCO's Happy-Juice for her depression; at least three times daily!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
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the stuff that comes from a penis when a guy gets a little too happy.
so, lia. did u get shot with happy juice this weekend?
by manda and lia November 14, 2006
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