1) a foreigner, more specifically a white person from the mainland
2) any white person, whether they are locally born or born on the "mainland"
3) "Ha" means breath, "ole" derives from "a'ole" which means no; literally means "no breath" in reference to white foreigners who came to the Hawaiian islands and refused to participate in the ritual greeting involving exchanging breath.
Ho brah, look at all the haoles, they are taking ova the aina.
by Bonnie S. October 06, 2005
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hawaiian for without life/color; white person
ussually derogatory
barely ever casual like all these mokes on here say it is
you stupid fuckin haole i bus yu up if yu don get off my aina soon
by haole October 02, 2007
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This is used in hawaii to mean someone of caucasian ethnicity. It was first used to describe Capt. Cook and his men. It origianaly means without breath, because they were so pale (don't ask). It is now used in hawaii as a fact or an insult. Mostly an insult. Oh, it is only used on people with white skin.
You stupid haole!
by Kaimana July 01, 2004
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Used as an insulting term torwards anybody with light skin in Hawaii. It has remained as an insult towards white people even since the culture of the islands has been absorbed by the "hip-hop" culture. I'm personally surprised that all of the locals haven't broken down and started calling us crackers yet.
What, you fuckin haole like some cracks?
by DCYB March 08, 2004
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haole is basically a hawaiian word for foreigner, but used mainly towards the whites.
like many other words, it's derogatory when used that way. you just have to listen to how its used. local haoles are sometimes mistaken for being from the mainland, and i hope they dont' get angered too much from it.
local haoles are usually much tanner than hoales from the mainland.
derogatory: you stupid fuckin' haole, shut your stupid haole mouth, or i will stick your stupid haole foot in it.

non-derogatory: i get chokage haole friends.
by xenoshi April 01, 2008
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usually if one hawaiian says it means white, anyone else still means tourist or white
Kimo: Eh, you when see dat haole
Nani: Stupid haole, took our land

Run if you hear this: i gone knock dat haole out after school
good: what a haole= dumb blond

He Hawai`i mau a mau. `A`ole kekahi Haole mau a mau.
I am Hawaiian forever. Not one white forever
by damalama September 13, 2007
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haole is a white person in the state of hawaii. most of the haoles in hawaii are tourists. haoles get sunburns, therefore half of them look like fat lobsters. some, (most) people here in hawaii are haole haters, unless they have haole friends. or theyre haole. it all depends.
daaaaammn!!!! that haoles tourist over there is so white, he makes sunscreen look black!!!!!
by livinginthe808state August 02, 2010
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