Regional. Hawaii.

Def.: 1) n. a) White Person b) White American c) derogatory for White Person or White American syn. cracker

2) adj. a) of Caucausian ancestry b) having to do with White American Culture

Haole (or Howlee as I like to spell it) is a bastardization of a Hawaiian word meaning foreigner (literally "without breath"). The correct pronunciation of the Hawaiian word haole is (ha-o-lay).

It can be derogatory depending on usage.
Eh, brah, you wen spock da haole chick ova dea?

Eh, haole shit, like false crack?

So haole, your hairstyle!

Mos' Hawaiians get some haole.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
Noun. A word from a dialect known as Pidgin used by local residents of Hawaii to differentiate "outsiders' who have not yet had sex with their cousin, usually someone with light skin.
Try look at that haole ober der, he get tree hot cuzins and never try oof any of dem.
by LayinPipeInUrMom February 12, 2018
hawaiian for without life/color; white person
ussually derogatory
barely ever casual like all these mokes on here say it is
you stupid fuckin haole i bus yu up if yu don get off my aina soon
by haole October 3, 2007
Haole is a Hawaiian word used when Captain Cook arrived in Hawai'i. Ha, meaning breath and ole derived from a'ole, meaning no. Captain Cook did not exchange breaths like Hawaiians usually do as a greeting.

The term haole is used to state a fact or in a derogatory sense. Most Hawaiians are now part haole and some referred to as "mixed plate" because they have numerous nationalities.
Fact: "Whoa, 'Ola is choke haole. But he still one moke. CHEE PONO!"
Wow, Keola's heritage contains a high percentage of white ancestry. On the contrary, he is very much Hawaiian. YEAH!

Derogatory: "WAT U FUCKIN HAOLE!"
Run cuz u gonna get yo ass kicked FAKA!
by MOKE96795 February 28, 2006
1. mostly used in HI as a slang for people who are causation. sometimes good and sometimes a good warning telling you to run.

2. the student population of Island School. (Kauai)
Stoopid fucking haole. GET DA FUCK OFF MY AINA!
by evilsclone April 4, 2007
Hey cuz, look at dat haole try surf.
by dirtydawg December 18, 2007
A shameful race of hideous, rotten-toothed, ass-licking barbarians. Generations of imbreeding have rendered most of them illiterate. In the Hawaiian language, 'haole' simply means foreigner; being that the white savages were the first and most foreign creatures that the Hawaiians had ever seen, and being that the white devils were the foreigners who had the most contact with the
Hawaiians in the period following Captain Cook's bumbling expedition, the term 'haole' (foreign) became fixed to this parasite.

The misconception that haole means 'no breath' or 'souless' is a European invention, where the white man is just being honest about his inadequacies, although violating Hawaiian grammar.
Tourist: God damn. What the hell is that smell? Did you step in monkey shit?
Zookeeper: No, that's just the haoles.
by Savage European July 14, 2006