1 The actual translation is: with out breath.
Hawaiians when greeting each other would, breath in each others breath (ha: the breath of life) When the Christian's came to HI they did not do that there for they where Haole (with out breath)...
2 It has evolved to just meaning some one not born in Hawaii. Or that you are white. If you are white and born in Hawaii you are a local haole. Yes you can be black and still be a haole.
3 Also most people in Hawaii have 2 or more races more than 75% have some kind of Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Philippino) and\or Portuguese. Which would make them Hapa-Haole. Mixed
1 That guy did not breath in when I said Aloha.
2 I'm not haole I was born here prick.
3 You seen that hapa haole girl... Cherry eh?
by Russianluva December 15, 2010
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A Hawaiian term for a white person, with the exception of Portuguese people. A haole (not to be confused with ha'ole, meaning "without breath"; ha, breath + 'ole, without) does not mean without breath, but instead means "foreigner". Usually, the term "haole" is taken offensively by white people, as they consider it derogatory, but usually, it is not meant to be derogatory from locals from Hawaii.

Haoles do not include Asians and Pacific Islanders, and rarely refer to African Americans and Portuguese people. Some Portuguese people may take offense if you call them haole.
Keahi: Eh, braddah, you saw dat haole walking down Pearlridge?

Makana: Eh, haole boy, how you stay?

Pono: You frickin' haole! Who you think you are, king of the 'aina? Thinking you're the center of everything... don't be lolo.

Calling a Portuguese haole:
John: Well, why isn't Robert a haole? He's Portuguese, so technically he's white right?
Robert: I'm not a frickin' haole. I'm a hapa; I'm Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Irish.
by Da Local Boi February 28, 2008
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Regional. Hawaii.

Def.: 1) n. a) White Person b) White American c) derogatory for White Person or White American syn. cracker

2) adj. a) of Caucausian ancestry b) having to do with White American Culture

Haole (or Howlee as I like to spell it) is a bastardization of a Hawaiian word meaning foreigner (literally "without breath"). The correct pronunciation of the Hawaiian word haole is (ha-o-lay).

It can be derogatory depending on usage.
Eh, brah, you wen spock da haole chick ova dea?

Eh, haole shit, like false crack?

So haole, your hairstyle!

Mos' Hawaiians get some haole.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
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an Hawaiian term rarely used by Hawaiians....Hawaiians actually like white people...most of them are white

when used by non-Hawaiians...it is often a derogatory term from non-hawaiian outsiders that want to show that they belong or are local...
a filipino and japani guy are sitting playing pepito and a haole guy comes up and outsmarts them and takes theire money...you freakin haole!
by crazyhaole October 29, 2004
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1. mostly used in HI as a slang for people who are causation. sometimes good and sometimes a good warning telling you to run.

2. the student population of Island School. (Kauai)
Stoopid fucking haole. GET DA FUCK OFF MY AINA!
by evilsclone April 03, 2007
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